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Jacey Flames About & how he started

Jacey Flames embarked on his journey in 2016 after graduating in a bachelor's in communication & as a multi-talented musician, determined to shape his own path in the music industry. He dedicated endless hours to research, reading books and honing his skills in the studio, continuously evolving as an artist and musician. As time went by, he realized that there was an alternative route to further his music career: by creating his own way. Motivated by this revelation, Jacey dove into the realm of marketing and the world of independent music. This experience allowed him to delve deep into the inner workings of becoming an independent artist. Today, Jacey Flames boasts an impressive cumulative count of over 100,000 streams, steadily progressing towards the coveted milestone of 1 million streams for all of his music. With a following of over 50,000 across various social media platforms, his new goal is to assist fellow artists in achieving independent success, encouraging them to take control of their own careers. Are you prepared to thrive as an independent artist and join the family of Hopefull Nation? To expand on Jacey's sound, just click on the music apps on the left or click on the "Music" tab. To order merchandise, just click on the "Merch" tab.

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